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Gyümölcstárhely jutalék ajánlásért Recommendation bonus
Recommend us to friends and receive a commission from their new order
How to earn from recommeding?
  1. Ask our helpdesk to assign you PARTNER CODE
  2. Recommend us to your acquitances and ask them to submit your partner's code in their order
  3. You will then automatically get percentage from every order they place
  4. Financial bonus will be then credited to your credit account

Amount of bonus
Ordered service Bonus
The Hosting 40%
.hu domain 20%
Reward rules
  • It is possible to get bonuses only from web hosting and domain services
  • The amount of the bonus is set as percentage of price of hosting serivces excluding VAT
  • You can use the bonus to pay for your services or you can get it cash if it is over 15 000 Ft
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