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what will you get?
  • 1 SSL certificate in the value of 5 990 Ft
  • 100GB of shared space
  • 1 domain + 10 domain redirects
  • sending up to 2,000 e-mails in  an hour
  • 1 web analytics worth € 50.00
  • more power than with The Hosting
  • 5 bonuses for your business
7 803 Ft /month
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More customers with SSL certificate
Only 1% of the worlds websites use SSL certificate. Those who do not have it are unaware of depriving themselves of customers. Google displays pages with SSL higher and makes them more visited from searches. Do not miss your competitive advantage.
More stable website and higher performance
We have prepared special servers with ten times lower data occupancy. They give you more space and resources than with a regular hosting. The sensitivity to server load by other customers is also reduced significantly.
Setting optimisation by experts
Our professional analysis of your website will ensure that everything runs as best as it can. We will subsequently adjust settings of your hosting to fit your needs, and we will make a list of recommendations to modify the code of your website.

what will you get?

More performance than in a regular hosting, professional optimization of settings, bonuses in the form of useful online tools for business, or the possibility to send many e-mails. Simply everything that comes handy in your business.

1 SSL certificate in the value of 5 990 Ft

100GB of shared space

1 domain + 10 domain redirects

sending up to 2,000 e-mails in  an hour

1 web analytics worth € 50.00


more power than with The Hosting

Excellent data protection
Details of your domain are freely available on the internet. It exposes you to spammers, marketers and online fraudsters. We can supplement your details with our information and protect your details that way.
crucial data on fast SSDs
We make sure everything runs as best as it can, so we will store your web, databases and e-mails on ultra-fast SSDs. It will save you some valuable loading seconds, and it will increase your chances when attracting new customers.
Ready for growth
Are your demands increasing as your business flourishes? Congratulations! If the Business hosting does not suffice in half a year, we will be happy to find and migrate it to a more powerful solution for you.
Reliable e-mails on the cloud
Your e-mails will always be accessible regardless of server failure because a new server will replace it immediately. At the same time, be sure that we will always do our best to deliver your e-mail where it is supposed to go.
Backup always at hand
Backup is always handy. We do not provide just one! We run regular backups of your web and store them for 14 days. Recovering deleted files is just a few clicks away.
No false limitations
Are you sick of limitations? Just as we are! Therefore, it is up to you how many mailboxes, databases or FTP accounts will your shared space use. Enjoy the freest and fairest approach to hosting.


We have helped thousands of customers with their online business, and we know what they need. The Business Hosting meets all the requirements. Whether you own an e-shop, or you are a manager with an important presentation website, or you are a founder of emerging portal, the Business Hosting will help you in your business.

Frequently asked questions about the Business Hosting

What is the difference between The Hosting and The Business Hosting?
The Hosting is a basic hosting product designed for one or more domains. The Business Hosting is designed for important websites that serve as a source of income, or they play an important role in business. Both hostings belong to the shared hosting category and hence the performance and costs of one server are split between more customers. They both also apply the same principle of fairness, and they do not place any artificial limitations. This means that it is totally up to you how many mailboxes, databases, FTP accounts will your hosting use. 
How many domains can use The Business Hosting?
Ensure the most optimal running of your website by using the ideal solution - The Business Hosting for one domain / website.
Can I transfer a hosting from another hosting provider to The Business Hosting?
Of course and we will be very happy.
Can I use the Business hosting with a domain purchased elsewhere?
Yes, sure! Feel free and order The Business Hosting and then just set your DNS domain records to our servers.
What is the minimum purchase period?
Following the decision of the international registrar, domains can only be purchased for at least one year; it makes perfect sense to buy hosting for one year, too. Do not worry about any commitment. If you are not satisfied with the hosting, we will give you your money back.
It is possible to switch from the Hosting to the Business Hosting?
Transfer is really easy in case of a single domain The Hosting. If you need to transfer one of the several domains hosted on The Hosting, the transfer is a bit more complicated, but our helpdesk will be happy to help you.
How long does it take to create the Business Hosting?
Ordering Business Hosting will not take you more than 2 minutes together with card payment. Business Hosting will be available immediately after completing your order, and you can then manage it in 
Why the Business Hosting only supports new versions of PHP and MariaDB?
We want you to be fully satisfied with the service. However, we can not guarantee that with old versions of PHP or MySQL, which have many bugs and have not been updated by developers for a long time. New versions - 5.5 and above are 99% compatible with older, so do not worry.
Personal experience is always better than a thousand words. Give us a chance and order the Business Hosting and test it for 7 days free of charge. If the product does not satisfy you, we will give you your money back.
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