Why we help

The internet community helped us a lot in our beginnings. We now want to return the favour to those who need it the most. As a part of the Freeweb programme, we offer basic packages of our 3 commercial products. With them, you will get the same quality of service as our paying customers, technical support included.

Who is freeweb for?
- promising web startup projects
- well functioning non-commercial projects
- promising webdesigners, programmers, graphic designers, artists
- websites of cultural events and institutions (concerts, theatres, festivals...)
- non-profit organizations and civil associations
Who is freeweb not for?
- personal, class and other presentation websites interesting for a narrow group of people
- websites for gaming groups, phpbb or other forums
- websites with a small amount of content (e.g. a magazine or blog with several articles)
- websites that don’t really work
- We sponsor the webhosting, you pay the domain fee. You must meet the standard conditions of our web hosting (e.g. distribution of illegal content, spam).
- In exchange for free hosting, you place our advertising link on your website.
- You shall not promote our competition on your website (you don’t have any other restrictions).
- If you’re planning a major redesign of your website that will influence our advertising space, let us know about it in advance.
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