Move to Webonic
  • You will not loose your prepaid period
  • Choose a 50 or 100% discount for the next year
  • We can manage whole thing

Change for the better; you won’t regret it

Be lured by our guaranteed benefits

We cover your subscription at your current provider for you for free
Your due fee for the prepaid period with the previous provider is entirely free of charge with us.
Choose a discount of 50 or even 100% for the following year
If you ask us to help you migrate, you’re immediately entitled to a 50% discount applicable for the next year. If you manage the migration with our automated tools yourself, you get up to 100% discount.
No need to lift a finger — we’ll deal with it for you
You don’t need to care about anything. Our specialists will test your websites, databases, and also emails and during the migration, your web will be online with no downtime.
The state-of-the-art infrastructure will be powering your websites
Migrate your projects to the latest infrastructure. You can check its quality at many satisfied clients.
How to make the migration hassle-free?

Use the unique opportunity to migrate to the better

  • 1. Choose a desired hosting and add it to the cart. The domain transfer is fully optional, you can deal with it later.
  • 2. In the cart, select the option “I want to use the Migration promotion”
  • 3. Upload the invoice for your current hosting from your former provider and choose desired way of migration.
  • 4. Finish the order and wait for Helpdesk to contact you.
Make sure to have all the necessary access details ready.

To migrate the data, we will need the following access details

  • 1. Temporary access to FTP and database servers
  • 2. Temporary admin access to your CMS (WordPress)
  • 3. (optional) A list of email addresses and credentials
  • 4. (optional) Access to the current administration of your hosting/domain
  • Please create the access details and send them to We will ask you to do so right after completing your order. You can deactivate them later after a successful migration – in order to keep your admin access details secure.
We’re honest, and we’ve got nothing to hide

Terms and conditions

  • The promotion applies only with the order of The Hosting and The Hosting for WordPress for 1 year together with the domain transfer. It doesn’t apply to migrations to higher solutions.
  • The ordered hosting in Webonic and the original hosting at another provider should be comparable. Old hosting needs to be paid, for no less than 30 days.
  • The promotion also applies with the Business Hosting with 25% discount for 1 year with no pre-paid reimbursement.
  • The maximum period for repayment of already covered hosting is 1 year.
  • The period of prepaid hosting in Webonic starts for the pre-invoice shipment day.
  • In assisted migration, our helpdesk needs to get the required access details and some collaboration. Assisted migration can be used for max. 1 domains/sites.
  • In case of suspected abuse of the promotion, Webonic reserves the right to reject offering the promotion to a customer or change the terms of the promotion.
  • Webonic reserves the right to refuse to perform the assisted migration; especially in cases of custom complex websites with unclear documentation.
  • Your site needs to be compatible with supported versions of PHP & SQL databases on our servers.